Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year - Long Life for all

Here is my tribute to the New Lunar Year.

The painting below was done with Acrylic and done over the weekend. The New Year is on February 7th, I decided to post this now because in a few hours is will be the 7th in some parts of the world.

I work with many people located in China and they all told me that my Chinese Character has the meaning of happiness and good life. This is a common symbol that hangs on the door in some homes in China. This is my version of a lotus flower at the top in red.

I also designed the pair of earrings for this great holiday. The meaning of the sterling silver charm is “long life”. You can find this pair of earring for sale at

Picture of my painting


katydiddy said...

Love the earrings & the painting is amazing. You are so very talented, Reina!

laura said...

This is beautiful. You have to paint more! And the earrings are also so very nice.

laura said...

Take a peek at my site, I have risen to your challenge.

katydiddy said...

My contribution to your challenge was sent via art mail to you & I forgot to scan it. Can you scan it when you get it?

Barbara Jacksier said...

What a nice way to celebrate! And to think I just baked Chinese almond cookies. They were gone before your paint dried.