Saturday, February 9, 2008

Goddess of Craft

Feburary Goddess Meeting It was my month to host the Goddess of Craft. A time to work on our projects, drink some wine, have some pizza, and share what’s been going on in our lives.

Pat made the cutest Valentines Pot holders. Thank you for the Valentines day gift.

Kathryn worked on her new Men's beanie line (picture below). You can find her beautiful purses, and hats on etsy

Katie sketched some very cute buttons and tea cups. She was just recently published in 2 Magazines. Congratulations, the articles are a good read. Check out Katies work at

I worked on Paper Mache (I had no luck); I also made my co-worker a pair of earring. I will be putting some of my new creations on by the end of the weekend.


katydiddy said...

Cute pictures of everyone! Thanks for hosting our crafty evening!

laura said...

The new blog looks good. I LOVE the carved fish earrings. I am crazy about netsuke and this looks like it. How about you bring a pair to OCB and I'll bring some money?

Leda said...

Reina- the photo of the blue-green earrings definitely stands out-looks great and I enjoyed viewing and reading about the Goddesses- and James and the hat looks like the start of a new trend.

Love from your proud mother

Kim said...

What a nice blog, a new one for me. Thank you for visiting mine, isn't it fun to see all the cool stuff we are all doing? I particularly love the earrings! Fondly, Kim

BumbleVee said...

I wanna come play at your house. Wine pizza and fun? Where do I sign up?

I dumped the local doll club because they became too tedious... now only have one friend who is interested in any type of crafting, bear or doll making...sigh..I