Monday, January 7, 2008

Moon Cakes

Moonc Cakes???

What in the world it that you may ask. It is a very special cake from China with egg custard inside, you can only get these moon cakes at certain times of the year (around October). I personally do not like the taste of them, but others tell me there heavenly. This is a very big thing in some parts of China; they typically sell the cakes in pretty tins or boxes. The last time I was there in October I picked up a few knowing I would use the tins at a later time.

This project below did not come with out frustration, the crystals did not want to stick on. The biggest mistake was buying Preciosa over Swarovski, I did buy some Swarovski and there is such a difference in the application. This is probably why I choose Swarovski when making Jewelry. They are just a step ahead of the rest.

The two pictures below show different prespectives and angle technology. My new camera will be arriving in the mail soon, I look forward to learning photo art a bit more.


katydiddy said...

Next time you are in China, can you get me a Lucky Cat? I'm working on a painting of right now!

laura said...

I love the lucky cat. The tin is great, seems somehow mysterious. I like it.