Friday, January 18, 2008

Art Of Entertainment

One thing that I love most is entertaining, so you can imagine how exciting it was to learn that OCB was going to be at my house this month. OCB (orange county bastards) is where my Mother and Father in-laws drive all the way from Claremont to visit there two children.

When entertaining, all you need is some good food and good company, we got it last night. James dressed up like a horse to play with our niece, gave his father a scare by picking him up. Watched a very scary move Stuart Little, and got to catch up with the family.

Here are some pictures:


katydiddy said...

We had a great time! Good pictures Reina! Love the one of all us at the table. You should have taken a picture of your wonderful pesto! Yum!

Page said...

Looks like a fun night! Nice table settings.

laura said...

It was fun and the dinner was delish! We always enjoy being with All of our OC children.