Saturday, May 3, 2008

Odd Quirks

I was so delighted to find that I was tagged by Snow White's Legacy to share my 6 unremarkable quirks. Here they are:

- I dry off completely before stepping out of the shower "no wet floors in my bathroom"

- When I am thinking I take my thumb and touch it to each my fingers and go back and forth... I think this helps me concentrate

- When ever the ice cooler gets full of water I must remove the water from the cooler - kind of like rainman "yea water".

- When ever I go to the grocery store I always search for the use by date and if it expires soon I will not buy it. I also will reach in the back because that is where the best dates are found.

- The toilet paper always needs to be over the top not under... I have been known to go into peoples houses and change it to the right direction.

- I love Naps, I mean I really love naps; I look forward to my weekends where I can take a nap. I have been known to nap while at the river, in a car, or just about anywhere that I can lay my head.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the tag!

hope you having a great day!