Sunday, March 16, 2008


We had a day off yesterday so we ventured into a public park and found such beauty. I got to be a electric boat captain, see the below pictures.

View from my hotel balcony

The most beautiful Butterfly color turq, but he would not hold still for me
In the park, lots of very nice statues
Karen and I in the park

On the lake near our hotel
Monica, Karen, and myself in the electric boat.


Anonymous said...

Reina- The photos are lovely- and what a beautiful butterfly. I am so glad for you to travel to the place you wanted to when you were a little girl- you talked about going to the other side of the world- China. Love you very much- Mom

katydiddy said...

How fun! All the photos from the trip are great! Keep them coming. I'd love to see one of that handsome husband of yours...