Friday, December 28, 2007

Going to glamis

My husband and I are off to Glamis for our last trip of the year. There is a large group going and I am thinking about how things will be out there.
I received a Bedazzled for Christmas, and before I left for this trip I was looking hard for something to Bedazzle. When my eyes saw the warm knit hat, I knew it was waiting to be dazzled up. A few crystals and walla a little bling for the dirty desert; which I do love. I asked my husband if I can crystal his buggy; he just smiled. Maybe he thought I was joking but deep inside I think that would be unique. I have so many ideas and not enough time in a day.

Happy new year to all and more blogging to 2008


katydiddy said...

Look who has a blog! Cool! Want me to advertise it on my blog?

laura said...

Look at you, all pink and blogging. Pretty little Swan. I will put you on my blog if you put me on yours.