Thursday, September 18, 2008

Murder of my beloved Tomato plant

About 1 month ago there was a crazy green, almost weed like plant growing in the front yard. As the day's passed I looked at the plant and realized it was a tomato plant. Wow!!! how did this get here? This mystery is still not solved, some say crows leave it behind. Anyhow this was excited since I have always wanted a tomato plant. Soon enough this plant was thriving and growing the best tomato's I have ever had. Every other day I would pick my tomato's and sing to the beautiful green weeds with the bright red fruit.

On Tuesday morning I walked outside to see if the fruit was ripe and ready for another picking, sure enough, ready to pick. I would pick my tomato's after work. Ready with my picking tongs I went outside... This is when I realized there was a murder in my front yard and my plant was the victim. My heart cried out, I think I heard it crack. Such upset to find out that the gardner hacked my plant. :(

You can see by the picture below, the red beauties just lying on the ground. :( :( that is double sadness.